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Everything there is to know about Power flush and why it’s important.

Passion4Plumbing offers a professional, first class power flushing service carried out to the highest standard

Before the installation of a modern boiler, particularly with high efficiency boilers, a power flush is needed to ensure that the system is clean. To ensure that your manufacturers guarantee is valid there is an approved standard that is required by all manufacturers known as Benchmark, Matt will make sure that all work carried out is up to the legal required standard, so that you wont have any problems with the manufacturer at a later date.

Why a powerflush?

There are signs to look out :

  • It takes a long time for system to warm up.
  • One or more radiators cold at the bottom.
  • Cold areas on radiators e.g. at the bottom.
  • Excessive noise from the boiler or the heating system pump.
  • Discoloured water when you bleed the radiators.
  • Heating is slow to warm up.
  • Some radiators struggle to heat up as well as others.
  • Radiators cold but pipes are hot.
  • Boiler regularly shuts down and needs restarting.
  • Noisy radiators and or / boiler.
  • Small leaks in radiators.

Why us?

  • We wont sell you a power flush unless it s required.
  • Competitive price.
  • Top quality job.
  • Best machines on the market.
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